Strategic Partners

Employee Engagement & Recognition

Kelaca believes that people are an organization's most important asset. We've partnered with 15Five to offer our clients a software solution that aims to create connected workplaces where employees believe that their voices are heard.

15Five is a holistic performance management company. They equip HR teams with a complete platform solution to improve manager effectiveness, drive high performance and engagement, and increase retention. 15Five’s easy-to-use software, coaching, manager training, and community enables HR leaders to continuously measure engagement and performance, and empower managers to drive change.

Strategic Partners

Educating & Preparing Our Youth

Kelaca believes that it is our collective responsibility to prepare our youth for the future workplace. We’ve partnered with District C to mentor young talent and work with them through real life, business relevant problems.

District C believes that work is changing. By 2030, 61% of US jobs will experience high- or mid-level susceptibility to automation. The challenge is clear. We need to prepare the next generation of talent for the work that computers can’t do. District C’s Teamship program is an innovative internship model designed to prepare the next generation of diverse talent for modern work. In short, Teamship teaches students how to work in diverse teams to solve complex problems. The Teamship model includes: diverse teams, real problems; purposeful coaching; and engaged business networks.

Strategic Partners

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Kelaca believes that DEI needs to be a strategic and intentional priority. We’ve created a relationship with The Diversity Movement (TDM) to provide expert, customized solutions that address our clients’ needs.

The Diversity Movement (TDM) is a results-oriented, data-driven strategic partner for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Their team of DEI experts provides a customized mix of online learning, tools, events, and consulting services that help organizations create sustainable culture change. In sum, TDM exists to shift individual behavior at every level of the organization, so those individuals can form high-performing teams that deliver better business outcomes. To that end, TDM works hand-in-hand with every client to build and support a DEI roadmap, designed to reap the benefits of a more inclusive workplace, and world.